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Palembang Cell and Ponpes Al Furqon Baitus Suffah

Posted on: July 17, 2008

One of the pepretraitors of Palembang cells is Ani Sugandi alias Abdullah Huseir alias Ust. Gandhi, the headmaster of Al Furqon Baitussufah Islamic Boarding School, at Jl. Bumiarjo C Unit 7 Dusun III Rt. 003 Blok G, Lempuing, OKI, Palembang, Sumatera  Selatan. It is different with moderate Pesantren which usually has thousand students, this strange Ponpes has only about eight students.  According to our sources,  this school has a link up with Ulul Albab Islamic Boarding School in Lampung which is also run by JI member.  Gandi is an alumni on the Afghan jihad (the fifth batch, along with Nasir Abas).  Other teachers at Al Furqon are Ali, a 30 year old and also a member of FAKTA,   captured with a bomb inside of a tupperwear container and Agus Tiawarman, a 28 year, suspected of harboring Hassan.

Bombs were ordered by celebritas Jakarta another name of Noordin M. Top in Semarang and Wonosobo hiding. 



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could you send me more detail on this info

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