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Jihad Magazine Launching

Posted on: March 1, 2008

On Saturday at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Abu Jibril has launched his Jihad Magazine which sold for 45.000 rupiahs.  This talk show is attended by Abu Bakar Basyir.  At noon at the same day Two radical person also gave preachers at Bekasi, 30 minutes from Jakarta. Abu Jibril blame Vice President Jusuf Kalla as the person who does not understand Islam, based on his dialogue with JK at Pondok Indah mosque on June 2007. While ABB blame Vice President, President RI SBY, America, Singapore, Pancasila.

Both person are really dangerous for plural society and their preachers could provoke young fanatic generations who attend their  teachings. Every Indonesia citizen should watch them and their action including their media which publish lately.


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Who did you mean ‘both’ on your article. Would you like to give me the explanation?


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