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Uncovering Hizbut Tahrir Australia.

Posted on: January 30, 2008

Hizbut Tahrir, a global Islamic political party, has a chapter in Australia which is mainly active in Sydney. HT’s Sydney –based group are for the most part, drawn from Indonesia, Arab or Pakistan etnic backgrounds. Total members of HT Australia are approximately between 200 – 400 members.

Some HT Australia leading figures are among others Muhammad Noorsjamsi, Ismail Al-Wahwah, Ashraf Doureihi and Wasshim Doureihi. Muhammad Noorsjamsi is an Indonesian national and Australian permanent resident and a self declare leader of Indonesian stream of HT in Australia. Ismail Al-Wahwah aka Abu Anas who arrived in Australia on 3 July 1997. He was accuinted of participation in a 1993 plot to assassinate King Hussein of Jordan. Ashraf Doureihi is an Australian citizen and HT leader in Sydney and Wassim Doureihi is younger brother of Ashraf Doureihi.

Initially, HT in Australia is brought by Abdurrahman Al Baghdadi (AB) who is also the pioneer of HT in Indonesia. Later on, AB moved to Indonesia after his meeting with Mustofa bin Abdullah bin Nuh. He not only worked with him to promote Abdullah bin Nuh’s boarding school but also got married with one of his daughters. It seems that HT Australia will maintain its close relationship with HTI.


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